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Akkadian 1: Grammar and the Epic of Gilgamesh

Epic of Gilgamesh

Old Babylonian (2000-1500 BCE), the classical form of Akkadian, has a uniform grammar written in clear and simple signs. It frames the grammatical and literary foundation of the Epic of Gilgamesh and subsequent Akkadian literature.

In Akkadian 1, students will achieve a beginning level of skill in the language.

Courses begin in May 2016.


Richard Jude Thompson, Ph.D. (Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, Harvard 2011).

Language of Instruction


Required Textbook(s)

  • Huehnergard, John. A Grammar of Akkadian, third edition. Harvard Semitic Studies 45. Published by Eisenbrauns, 2011.
  • -----. Key to A Grammar of Akkadian, third edition. HSS 46. Eisenbrauns, 2013.

Optional Textbook(s)

  • Parpola, Simo. The Standard Babylonian Epic of Gilgamesh. State Archives of Assyrian Cuneiform Texts, vol. 1. Cuneiform Text, Transliteration, Glossary, Indices, and Sign List. Published by The Neo-Assyrian Text Corpus Project, University of Helsinki, 1997.

About the Course

The thirty-week course covers the first 12 lessons of A Grammar of Akkadian, including phonetics, syllabification principles, and basic grammatical structures, as well as the first thirty lines of the Epic of Gilgamesh. Completion of Akkadian 1 will prepare the student to take the next course, Akkadian 2.

The thirty-week course costs $995 USD, not including the cost of text books. If after two class sessions you wish to drop the course, we will refund you $895.

Akkadian 1: Grammar and the Epic of Gilgamesh

For the course syllabus, please contact Professor Richard Jude Thompson, Ph.D.

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