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Find out more about studying Akkadian.

Why Learn Babylonian Akkadian?

Understand the connections of Assyria and Babylonia to the Western World through 3000 years of history:

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Find out more about studying Akkadian.

Throughout this online course, you will:

Explore the people of this ancient world through their language.
View actual records of history written by people who lived then.
Read Epic of Gilgamesh in the original language.
Learn from a Harvard-educated teacher of near eastern languages and civilizations.
Study the textbook, A Grammar of Akkadian, by John Huehnergard.
Enjoy live, online classes with the personal attention of your professor.
Learn the importance of Akkadian to the Bible.

Study Akkadian with Richard Jude Thompson, Ph.D.

Are you looking for a professor who brings his passion for ancient languages and history to the classroom?

Dr. Thompson

  • Is experienced in teaching languages online and in the classroom,
  • Enjoys interacting with his students of all ages and backgrounds,
  • Shares his excitement in studying sources in the original language,
  • Teaches Akkadian, Aramaic, Classical Hebrew, and Hellenistic Greek,
  • Has a Ph.D. in Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations, Harvard University (2011).

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Read more about Dr. Richard Jude Thompson’s experience.

1991 - ALB
1993 - ALM
2004 - AM
2011 - PhD
Dean of FAS, Michael Smith: “I present to you these scholars, all of whom have devoted themselves to the rigorous pursuit of advanced study, have attained high distinction, and have made original contributions to knowledge in their several fields of scholarship.”

Harvard President Drew Gilpin Faust: “By virtue of authority delegated to me, and recognizing your high academic achievement, I confer upon you, men and women of learning, the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, welcome you to the ancient and universal company of scholars, and entrust to you the free inquiry of future generations. Congratulations!”

Learn Akkadian and Read the Epic of Gilgamesh

Would you like to decipher the ancient script of Akkadian? Read the Epic of Gilgamesh in the original language? Deepen your understanding of the world from which the Bible emerged?

Here’s your chance to study Akkadian with a Harvard scholar and experienced teacher of ancient languages.

Explore Akkadian—rarely taught outside of a university.
Learn the sounds and grammar of the language step-by-step.
Study Akkadian script, transliteration, and translation.
Read and discuss the ancient Epic of Gilgamesh.
Enjoy a supportive, intimate learning environment.
Participate in a thirty-week, live online course.

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Classes begin in March, 2023 Learn More

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